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Our Production partners have been manufacturing facing brick and supplying the UK Market, forover 60 years. During this time, they have supplied tens of millions of facing bricks to the UK and Ireland construction industry.

Over time, many new styles and finishes have been added to the  range – but tradition is always accompanied with innovation. Our Partners continually work to advance the quality and finish of the facing brick range, meet Customer needs and  

Many builders are no longer able to wait for weeks or months for clay brick.,. Brick can be called off with as little as 24-72 hours’ notice, with lead times on some specific Special Order items being as low as three weeks. holds a Stock items that can be despatched even more quickly.

We offer a wide range of made-to-order products with a range of colours and textures, or use in combination for a subtle yet striking professional finish.

Thanks to particular attention to pigment development and technology, any historic concerns regarding the colour integrity of concrete bricks is eliminated. All Facing Bricks are produced in strictly regulated factory conditions, guaranteeing repeatable results.

We view Dimensional accuracy as a critical element of onsite efficiencies are optimised thus waste is minimised.Our Facing Brick will deliver dimensional accuracy of 1-3mm across all dimensions 

All Brick is manufactured to exceed standards established by BS EN 771-3:2011 and come with impressive 60-year guarantee.

Our products are used in a wide variety of projects from commercial, education, public realm, social housing and infrastructure.

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